The Moonlight Herders

Moonlight Herders - Ebook Only

The Moonlight Herders, a paranormal romance, was signed with Ellysian Press in 2016. It was released on July 31st, 2018.

Everyone in town knows Hattie Lynch is crazy. The sidelong looks, pulling kids away from her, and barking at her prove that. Even Hattie doubts her own sanity. But she will learn the monsters are real.

The threat to her town is real. And the threat to her and her cousin Amanda, alone in their creaky old house next to the cemetery – yeah, that is real, too.

When Amanda falls for the charming Jonah, the girls find out that some monsters can be good. In fact, some monsters are downright necessary when an evil force raises the dead right next door.

Jonah belongs to a werewolf pack and they will do what those before them did – send the roaming dead back to their graves permanently. If they can discover and stop whoever is behind the awakenings.

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