Summer Time and… Pumpkins?

Life update blog! Expect more of these in the coming months, as I try to make blogging and writing updates a recurring part of my life again. The plan is once a week, but most likely will be once a month (unless I get my schedule sorted out).


Now that you’ve (hopefully) read Liminal Boy (no worries, this is a spoiler-free post if you haven’t), you can probably guess who the next two main players will be in the final Opposition books. Now, I think it’s obvious, but all my feedback from Liminal Boy consisted of “I thought you were going to kill *insert character*!” when I thought it was clear I wasn’t that evil. That said, if you think you know who the final two voices are, drop me a comment here or on my IG. I love finding out your theories. I don’t know when I will officially announce the title of Book Three. I want to get further along in the draft or else I’ll feel as if I jinxed myself somehow.

A “Making of Liminal Boy” blog is in the works. You can expect to see that here soon. There are a ton of Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes facts I want to share with everyone.

On another book related note, nominations are open for Dragon Con’s 2019 Dragon Awards. You can write in your nominations for this past year’s best books, shows, and games here. My book published by Ellysian Press, The Moonlight Herders is eligible in the Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranomal) category. Please vote for me in that slot (you don’t have to fill out all the other catergories unless you want to) and spread the word across your social media pages!


Writing-wise, I had planned to write a stand-alone magical realism novel as a breath of fresh air, a big change from The Opposition. I started writing it then, somehow, started writing Book Three of The Opposition. For the first time ever, I’m in a weird state where I don’t know which book I’m writing when I sit down. Up until this month, I’ve always focused on one story at a time. 

Though, truthfully, this past week Book Three has been winning.

As I’ve mentioned before, I write my plots on a white dry-erase board, get to a certain part in the draft, wipe the board blank, then reorganize my past plan with what I’ve got so far. Every incarnation of Liminal Boy looked like a math equation from Good Will Hunting. Now that I finally mustered up the courage to write the plot of Three onto the board, it looks more like 1+1=2 than some terrifying equation. Which, it’s not, but this story is so much simpler thanks to my relationship to this character that it feels like I’m launching on steady, familiar ground.

Not-Stefani’s-Books Stuff

If you’ve paid attention to my Instagram, you might have noticed that I’ve started doing brand-new, in-no-way-book-releated hobbies. Growing pumpkins, roses, and herbs. (Surprisingly decent at this.) Making wire-wrapped jewelry.  (Unsurprisingly horrible at this.) Going out, and as The Oatmeal would put it “Breathing in,” by seeing movies, reading books, and listening to podcasts.

Aside from writing and poking at the pumpkins growing along the dirt, here’s a few things I’m loving right now:

  • Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair? Jenn Gott who, as you will recall did the interior for the second edition of Midnight and for Liminal Boy, has a new book out today! I was lucky enough to read this sequel to The Private Life of Jane Maxwell before it’s release and can safely say this is one of my favorite books of this year. Amazingly crafted fight scenes and an intriguing plot to boot. It was great to see characters from Book One get a bigger role as well as see how the characters have handled this alternate world. Don’t sleep on this series.  And don’t forget Jenn’s #IndieSuperheroSummer is still on a roll.
  • BUJO. I recently dragged out my half-finished bullet journal. I had stopped using it because I didn’t think the effort I was putting into it equaled what I got out of it but, looking back through the pages, I find that I am sad I quit documenting my days. The best part was where I had stopped, back in January. I had written my 2019 goals and stopped. It was a thrill to cross off two out of the three. Now, I’m just waiting on Number Three to hurry up and happen so I can mark it off as well.
  • Pistachios. Weird, right? But I can’t stop eating them. And hibiscus tea.
  • Catch and Release. I need to start a tally of the amount of bugs and creatures that have found their way indoors. It’s a rough estimate, but I’ve save about three spiders, one centipede, one beetle, and a baby lizard this June. (The last of which, my cat was very upset with me for saving. She thought it was supposed to be her dinner.)
  • Balance. Balancing book ideas, balancing work time with free time. And also, just plain balance. I’ve tripped over stuff so much this week I’m starting to feel like a helpless heroine in a romance novel.

See you in July.

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