Interviews and Reviews: Liminal Boy

It’s been barely three days since Liminal Boy was released into the world. And WHAT a three days it’s been! Within the first day Lanny cracked into the top 100 paid spots. And, my babes, I won’t lie. I want that orange flag. If you can help me get there, I’ll do something extra special for you all. I’ll release the title of book three! Or I’ll even post deleted scenes from the early drafts of LB! Something! Let me know and let’s make it happen.

I wanted to make a quick thank you post, but first:

Whether it’s bossy and impulsive Jo, long-suffering Jamie, or sweet, tortured Langdon, Stefani brings everyone to life with realism and grace.

Jenn Gott, Author of The Private Life of Jane Maxwell and The Beacon Campaigns

The Private Life of Jane Maxwell author Jenn Gott is kicking off an entire summer’s worth of indie superhero content over on her blog. And guess who’s lucky enough to be the first interviewee? Me! Jenn took the time to talk all things The Opposition and superhero-inspiration with me. You can read the interview here. And don’t forget to check back on her blog as the summer rolls on to discover other superhero authors.

“It’a like a love letter to outsiders…”

S.E. Anderson’s review of Liminal Boy

The first review has arrived. Check out this sweet spoiler-free review of Liminal Boy from Starstruck author S.E. Anderson’s Readcommendations blog.

Watch my social media for more interviews and reviews as they pop up. If you’ve posted a review on your book review blog, let me know and I may share it here.

Finally, this is a massive, emotional thank you to everyone who has supported The Opposition. This series has changed my life in the best possible ways. It’s hard to think back on the little things that lead to this moment, that I can’t really recall how I got here. But I’m grateful for every step that lead me here.

I am so excited to share these stories with everyone. Now that the massive weight of Langdon’s story is off my back, I should be able to blog more often, so expect to hear more from me over the summer and the rest of the year.

Until then.

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