Liminal Boy: A Pre-Reading Guide of Sorts

With little over ONE WEEK until Liminal Boy’s release on June 1st, I thought I would share a little reading aesthetic-building guide of sorts.

First, don’t forget you can pre-order Liminal Boy as an ebook on a number of platforms, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, etc. You can buy the paperback the day of the release. (And don’t forget to order a copy of the new edition of Midnight to match while you’re at it!)

Once you’ve got your ebook or paperback settled, it’s time to think about snacks! Get into the mood with Langdon’s favorite, Nanaimo bars. If you’ve never had one before, they are unapologetically Canadian and possibly boasts the highest sugar-per-centimeter ratio of any other food item. Personally, this is my go-to version. Because I’m a delicate little flower who can’t handle flour, I’ll substitute gluten-free graham crackers in. There’s a 100% likelihood I will be making myself a batch of these for a release day celebration. If baking isn’t your things pick up some donuts. Or cookies. Or cupcakes. Basically, any carb fits the script.

Block out any distracting noises, or just set the mood, with some music. I whittled down the playlist I listened to while writing Liminal Boy and made it public for readers to listen to. Check it out on Spotify.

After you’re done reading and shaking a fist in my direction, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, etc. Reviews really help boost sales, place the book in the right algorithm, and help potential readers figure out why they should read it. Reviews are so incredibly important to indie authors such as myself. You can even copy and paste your review across multiple sites! You don’t have to create an individual review for each one. And something as simple as a single line will help.

Do you have a Twitter, Tumblr, blog, or other social media? Spread the word on your personal accounts. Please. Word of mouth is the main way indie books are discovered. Every tweet helps.


I’ll do a post-release wrap up blog about a month or so after Liminal Boy is set loose to the world. If you have any burning questions about it, the series, or something else, drop a line below or ask it via one of my IG posts. I typically send out a call for questions on my IG stories.

Until next time!

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