Liminal Boy Release Info and a Few Other Surprises

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post. But, as you are about to see, I’ve been busy. So, let’s get to it:

I am thrilled to finally announce that Liminal Boy will be released on June 1st, 2019. You won’t have to wait much longer to find out what happens after the events of Midnight.

About time! Can we see the cover and synopsis?

Liminal Boy is available for pre-order now!


An angel out of control.
A thief who knows too much.
A power destined to self-destruct.
These are some of the things that haunt Langdon Moore, the longest lasting survivor of a twisted experiment that transformed certain aspects of a person into a weapon. Nothing about Langdon has ever made sense, and his verve confirms it. Born twice and died thrice, he knows this is his final chance to get things right.
The rest of the experiments are at a loss, still recovering from a shocking betrayal and the disappearance of the weapon crafted from Jo Harding’s verve. After a fight over leadership fractures the already unstable bunch, Langdon finds it easy to take shelter in his old isolating habits, slipping away from everyone— except for his service dog.
Unfortunately, his plans for solitude are derailed when his quiet home becomes Jo’s new headquarters. To make matters worse, Midnight doesn’t go anywhere without her twin brother, the model Jamie Harding. When a mysterious thief foretells the arrival of Angel, the most powerful survivor of the experiment, Langdon must act quickly. As a harsh winter ices over Montreal, he makes one final attempt at saving a life… even if that means forfeiting his last chance of finally having one of his own.


You can pre-order your ebook copy of Liminal Boy on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers. The print version will be avilable for purchase on June 1st.

If you choose to pre-order the ebook on any site between now and its release, I will send you a digital gift! “The Phone Call” is a short story told from Darcy’s perspective. It explains what she and a few others have been up to in the weeks following the end of Midnight as well as sets up the beginning of Liminal Boy. Fill out this google doc and your gift will be sent to your email within the following 24hrs.

But, Stefani, the cover for Liminal Boy is a lot different than Midnight’s cover.

Surprise! Midnight is being re-released!

The second edition of Midnight features a gorgeous new cover (Hello, Montreal skyline!), an amazing interior design, PLUS the first chapter of Liminal Boy. Purchase the new edition in either ebook or print through Amazon, Smashwords or other retailers.

Both Midnight and Liminal Boy’s interior design were created by the fantastic creative duo that is Jenn and Graeme Gott. It is entirely thanks to these two that I am finally able to release The Opposition on mutiple platforms. (Look, it’s no secret that me and technology don’t get along.) I cannot express how much I love seeing Jo burn rubber on the Star Bolt at the start of her chapters, and Lanny and Theo walking along the top of his. Jenn and Graeme did an amazing job on both books. They really took the time to understand the tone and structure of each story to create personalized, highly detailed interiors. (And the speed which they created these were insanely fast! I am a little bit suspicious that they operate at above-human levels.) Fellow indies, check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Readers interested in diverse superhero books, check out Jenn’s Hopefuls series.

Liminal Boy is tonally different from Midnight. Not only is the narrator different, but his struggles and views are different as well. Langdon drove me crazy with his story. Every single scene was rewritten, ripped apart, and retold. Things that were only supposed to be minor details exploded while major plot lines were shrunk down to throw-away lines. Langdon’s story was not only the hardest story I’ve ever tackled as a writer, but as a human. Yet, through all of this, one thing remained: It’s a story I had to tell. As weird and confusing as it was to write, it was a story that held far too much of my heart. Part of me wanted to keep it there and never let anyone see it. But after the amount of love shown towards Midnight, I knew I had to let Summers’ child out into the world.

In summary, Liminal Boy is a HEARTWARMING story about a boy and his dog.

Don’t forget:
Pre-order before June 1st.
Pick up a copy.
Leave a review.
Tell your friends.
Tell your dogs.
Things are about to get strange.

*Pssst. The playlist of all the songs I listened to while writing Liminal Boy is over here.

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