Fall 2018 Update

I’m back from my accidental hiatus! Where was I?

Well, that’s a good question. There was a cold that wouldn’t leave, a trip to two different states to visit family, and plenty of writing.

I’ve actually written three blog posts since my last update but never hit publish on any of them.  They didn’t feel worth posting, honestly. But it’s Sunday night, and I want to talk to you even if I really can’t find the right words to say what’s up. So here’s what’s going down in my world (for now):

Liminal Boy Update

Yeah, I know. It seems as if every blog somehow ends up being about how I’m still working on it. And, no surprise here, I’m still working on it. Every day, I sit down for a few hours (or ten on my days off) and work on it. There has been some exciting progress. The first two hundred pages were polished and sent to my CP, Jenn Gott. I’m excited and nervous to see her reaction.

There’s been plenty of hiccups with this story (and by hiccups I mean existential crises and backtracking). Act two and three are most likely going to take me even longer to polish. Why?

Well, for starters I’ve given up some of my time to take on more work to you know, pay the bills.  Then my carpal tunnel has started to creep up on me, which is severely cutting my writing time down. And, of course, my main pal is sidetracking me. My BFF and constant companion, Doubt.

LB’s draft has taken triple the amount of anticipated time to write, and the last two-thirds of the book is…. complicated doesn’t even begin to describe it. Confusing, detailed, tangled… Intricate is the word I use most often. Still, I fear I’m doing something wrong by taking so long even though part of the reason I’m taking so long is that I’m trying to make this story as perfect as possible. Self-imposed deadlines are coming and going, being replaced by new due dates. I keep counting the time down to my next one and worry I won’t make it. But the truth is I feel as if I’m on the right track this time, and worrying about lost time won’t give me any more time. The story will be done when it’s done. This story deserves its best shot, and I’m not about to throw out a story I’m not 100% proud of. Bare with me, friends.


Go vote, go vote, go vote. If not for yourself or for your future, do it for me, please.

It’s important. You don’t need me to repeat why. You know. So just do it.


Ok, I’ll admit. I’m boring. I don’t watch tv or go see movies even though I’m ALWAYS saying how I need to watch tv or go see movies. But on Halloween, I sat down and watched the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was good but I feel a little bitter about it: I am now so old they are remaking the shows from my childhood. Also, Salem didn’t talk, and COME ON, it wouldn’t have ruined the show to keep the talking cat.


As I mentioned on my Instagram, I am not doing Nano this year. Focusing on Liminal Boy is difficult enough without trying to convert editing hours into word counts for the tracker. It sort of hurts, to be missing it again. I appreciate the comradery that springs up every November. Nano has been a great way to dash out a rough draft, and I have one I’ve been desperate to get to (one that is separate from The Opposition) but it will have to wait a little longer. That said, I know if I were to calculate all the hours of revision, I’d win again. But that’s not really the point of Nano for me. It was always about that new story and, having spent nearly two years with Lanny in my head, he’s not exactly new to me.

Good luck to everyone participating this year. If you get stalled let me know, and I’ll dish out some cheerleading and pep talks!


This month I’ve tried maple coffee, breve, and of course, got the first peppermint mocha of the season. (Believe it or not but I’m not a flavored coffee kind of person. However, Starbucks coffee has some sort of magical gift for clearing up any migraines or exhaustion I might be suffering from. It must be all that sugar.) But I’m trying to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink (Don’t tell Jo) and switch to teas. Matcha is my current favorite drink as is the Twinnings White Hibiscus (I wish it wasn’t so hard to find). I keep wanting to go to coffee houses to work, but I’m honestly TERRIBLE at doing so. I have to make sure my laptop is charged (because I can never get by an outlet), bring my headphones so I don’t get distracted by other people (but then worry if they can hear Leonard Cohen blasting out of my headphones), and GOD FORBID someone sits next to me (because they might read what’s on my screen) and the inevitable: I have to pee but there’s no way in hell I’m leaving my stuff unattended. There’s a ton of coffee shops near me, but I need one that’s geared towards writers. Give me individual comfy chairs and wide tables. Give me a little cubicle around my chair that locks my stuff in so no one can touch it. Let the barista bring the drinks to me. And sell gluten-free dairy-free snacks. Yeah, I’ll just stay at home, where my main problem is getting the courage to push my cat off my chair.

Until next time.

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