Update: MS Awareness, Interview, and more

When Midnight was in its early-never-let-anyone-see-this drafts, Jo’s disease was glossed over because I couldn’t figure out what she had. I knew it was serious. I didn’t want to give her the same illness as her creator because that felt like setting myself up for self-inserted Mary-Sue comments. But it also felt like a cop out to not name her disease, or to make one up entirely.  For some unknown reason MS was the one that stuck in my head. Maybe it was because a local bakery was fundraising for treatment for their child who was diagnosed with it. Maybe it was because MS is a term you hear but don’t quite understand what it mean. Maybe it’s because when I reached out to people who had it, read their stories, I saw the unabashed “this isn’t stopping me, it’s just slowing me down at the most” attitude that I wanted to instill in the story.
March 11-17 is National MS Awareness week. In honor of Jo, a portion of the profits from this week’s sales of Midnight will go to the National MS Society for research (the good kind of research, not the Morgan kind). So, buy a copy, buy two, or donate directly at nationalmssociety.org.
If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I’m popping in and out with a lot of emphasis on the ‘out’ part. This is because I really want to get this draft of Liminal Boy finished while I still feel like I have a grip on what Lan’s telling me, and also before I start working on a round of edits for The Moonlight Herders.
This means things are about to get busy over here. So, if you want to stay in the know sign up for my newsletter and/or join the street team on my Facebook page.
I was part of an interview by the great Alaina Leary for Bustle on the importance of LGBTQIA+ representation in literature, particularly in regards to relationships vs single status. Check it out here.
Over the past year, I’ve heard from people. Actual people, not dudes on instagram who send messages that just say “hey.” And these people are nice, and have told me very personal things, and I do my best to be there for the people that reach out to me.
Something I want to do is answer a question I get a lot, which is “Can you tell me what LGBT book to read next?”
I’m slowly putting together a reading list of LGBTQIA+ friendly reads, but I’m falling short in a lot of categories. Leave a comment if you know of a rare gem that doesn’t get enough mentions you want me to take a look at.

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