For National Superhero day, I thought I would introduce you to one you haven’t heard of yet.

Not many people see Midnight as a hero. All they see is a stranger with a vendetta, someone who will stop at nothing in her attempt to get past a team of superheros and kidnap everyone’s favorite darling, Jamie Harding.
However, if everyone knew her side of the story they wouldn’t see a villian. They would see the girl trying to save her brother from the man who killed her. But, if a villian is what it will take to save Jamie, then Jo Harding will gladly play the role of Midnight.

My YA novel, #Midnight, is currently undergoing another round of beta-readers and edits before it will be published this summer. It’s a story about family, lost and found, battles with illnesses (as well as people), and perseverance. Hopefully after it’s publication, everyone else will appreciate the superhero who uses her power to #FindJamie, #StopMorgan, and #StayAlive.

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