It’s Not Your Business. It’s Mine.

I like my psychic. Every time I see her, which is about once a year, she recommends books, discusses the next stage of my career, then looks at my love life. Every time, she asks me to wait a minute as she tries to figure out what she’s looking at in the cards I’ve blindly chosen. She apologizes and casts glances up at me then back down to the cards, frowning as if she’s been presented with an algebra equation. She laughs. Every time, she laughs.

This is why I trust her. She doesn’t sugar coat it. She doesn’t tell me what she thinks a young woman wants to hear. She repeats only the truth that she finds in the cards.

Before we get to the annual laugh fest that is my love life, she hits a hiccup as we discuss my career. I always used vague terms in conversation with her, wanting her to prove how much she can pick up on with her own skills.

“Do you have a lot of fishnet stockings? Because the only way to read this is you make money with love.”

“I’m a writer.”

“That makes more sense. Strippers or artists, either way you’re putting yourself out there.”

Love and a need for truth is what inspired my second novel, MidnightMidnight is a story that was born out of a fierce need to tell the truth about things I had seen (and experienced) in my life, things that I wish I could have read about when I was a teenager. By the time the third draft was ready to go out to the next round of beta readers, I was already defensive as I thought of the impending rejections it would get from traditional agents and publishers.

I have fought in my life, and I could fight for Midnight. I could see it get signed with a publishing house, but that doesn’t mean I would have won. Once I signed it over to a corporation I would be asked to change the things I hold dear to the story and its future sequels.

This is why I have decided to self-publish Midnight.

Over the past few months, I have read enough articles about creating my own LLC and publishing company, the formatting of ebooks, and researched cover designers to nearly justify the amount of Reese’s wrappers littering my desk. I didn’t become a writer so I could spend all my time deciphering legal terms. I became a writer to tell my stories, but if that means I have to understand the difference between a LLC and a DBA then I will take that challenge.

When I returned home following my reading, I looked up the titles of the three books the psychic recommended. All were self-help books on how to create your own business and market your product. I had about an eighty percent certainty in my decision. Now I have a hundred. (Well, 99.9% certainty. I’m too much of a pessimist to enjoy full-blown certainty in anything.)

So, I invite all of you to stay tuned for this journey as I figure out exactly how to get Midnight out to the world.

Originally posted on my Tumblr which you can follow here.


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